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WELCOME to SilverLine - a new concept salon.
We have compiled only the most adored procedures for you.
The combination of affordable prices and a high level of services is our style.

The atmosphere of our salon is filled with the rhythm of the modern city, the dynamics of time, the speed of decision-making, multiplied by the quality and prestige of the service. To save your time, we have put together the most popular and favorite procedure. A high level of service immersed in comfort and relaxation is SilverLine.

The interior is delight. Calm lights is warming you, while our masters make the transformations of your image. You're in the spotlight, now and always will be. Do you remember how the Edison light looks like? We have something to surprise you. You will certainly catch a silver thread of your success and fortuity. You definitely need to get to us, to Yuriy Tsarov SilverLine.

We have thought through everything:

– Location - Pechersk;
– Premium services;
– Affordable prices;
– Brilliant interior;
– Comfortable atmosphere;

Democratic salon for a dynamic metropolis. SilverLine is the salon of triumph for you.

Download full price Yuriy Tsarov Silverline

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Contact Information

Gusovskogo 11/11, Kiev

E-Mail: silverlinetsarov@gmail.com
+38 (044) 569-19-09
+38 (050) 53-23-153

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